Nice to have you here. Let’s collaborate!

Hello. My name is Jakob. I have been working as a photographer since 1999. I have a broad experience within fashion, lifestyle and food photography. I believe that attention to detail in every step of the working process is essential for a high-end result.

I like openness, mutual trust and having fun while working together. I also run — a rentable studio space and experimental platform for interdisciplinary creative projects. Nice to have you here. Let’s collaborate!

Contact me

Jakob Fridholm
+46 70 497 66 84



Pålsundsgatan 2
117 31 Stockholm


Ranhammarsvägen 20 F
168 67 Bromma


Wasa, Pavesi, Scan, ELLE, Werners Gourmetservice, Falksalt, Spendrups, Electrolux, AEG, Barilla, NOOK, Restaurangakademien, Semper, Njie, Absolut, Veryday, Fotografiska, Bonniers, Lithells, Delicard, Gourmet, Visit Sweden, Carlsberg, Arvid Nordquist, Natur & Kultur, SVT, Vattenfall, Grythyttan, Årets kock, Bocuse D’or, Menigo, Åkesson, Créme bonjour, Semper, Ica, Skeppshult among others.